Angry Birds Park

A great indoor adventure park is just few kilometers away from Hotel Rento. Angry Birds Park offers a wide range of activities (game lounge, BagJump jumping mattress and tower, scooter area, Lazer labyrinth,  and many others).

Entrance fee is about 18 eur/person.


Flowpark is an ecological adventure park in Lappeenranta. Adventure trails have been built on living trees without harming them. You can enjoy and try various trails such as ropeways, including swaying paths, liane jumps, swings and cable slides. Read more on Flowpark´s web-site

Day ticket: from 22€

Family ticket: from 74€  (2 adults and 2 children under 15 yrs)

Reindeer sleigh rides

Reindeer sleigh rides is an unforgettable experience during your winter visit to Imatra.

Experience a reindeer sleigh ride in beautiful winter nature of Saimaa Lake!

Price: 42 euros / person, children (2-12 years) enjoy a 50% discount

Animal forest: Korpikeidas

Animal Forest is a memorable destination, especially for children. You can feed and touch freely wandering animals. Animal Forest is only open during the summer months.

Adults 8 €

Children 6 €

Atreenalin Adventure Park

Atreenalin Adventure Park Saimaa is an unforgettable nature experience with five climbing routes for visitors of all ages.  Read more on Atreenalin´s web-site

Adults (over 16-year olds) 24 €, Children (over 130 cm) 19 €, Children (under 130 cm)


Bowling is a great activity for the entire family. Contact our reception and we will help you to make a reservation!

Street train (Lappeenranta and Imatra)

Between 6 June and 9 August, Lappeenranta's street train will depart from the Sandcastle every hour:

  • on Mondays 12:00 - 17:00
  • other days 10:00 - 17:00

Visitors to Imatra can enjoy the same service between 2 June and 30 August,  the train departs from Imatrankoski.



Within 5 minute drive from Hotel Rento you can find two Spas that work all year round. You can take a moment and relax in saunas and jacuzzi or have fun with multi-function pool and waterslides.

Adults ca. 20 €

Children ca.8 €

Myllysaari Family Park

The Myllysaari Family Park in Lappeenranta is a multi-activity site, featuring a playground, football fields, a parkour course, a fitness and climbing area, the Flowpark, a sledge slide, swimming facilities, diving towers and a beach café.  Most of the facilities are for public use (for free).


The Lappeenranta Sandcastle

This massive sandcastle, requiring over 3 million kilos of sand and several weeks to build, is an amazing and free of charge site in Lappeenranta!

Contact us to book your family´s adventure or to find out more about summer activities in Saimaa region!

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